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Just in time for cooler weather and the upcoming holidays, we’ve got a wonderful collection of practical and fun resources for you in our  exclusive KITCHEN SKILLS LIBRARY – so your children & teens can be a true help instead of hindrance in the kitchen! Here’s a run-down on everything that is included:

In our bestselling manual The Kitchen Primer, your young helpers will learn:
The fundamentals of kitchen safety, cleanliness, and manners
How to read and follow recipes
How a cook should properly measure ingredients
How to decorate and set the table
How to wash the dishes so they will really get clean
How to make delicious snacks and meals …and much more.

It’s the perfect “hands on” cookbook, textbook, & learning guide for any students (boys or girls) ages 8 – up who can act responsibly in a kitchen environment and can follow step-by-step recipe directions. (158 pages, PDF)

In these FIVE fun (and tasty!) unit studies, your students will learn all about the traditional kitchen spices – cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger and sugar – with a history of each spice, creative hands on activities, a dash of geography, art & science, yummy recipes they can make themselves, puzzles and more. Your kids ages 5 – 10 will love these fun, fascinating and “oh so good” unit study lessons! (five PDF ebooks)

Have you ever wondered what’s on the menu tonight in other homeschooling homes? Want to know what their favorite meals and treats are? Looking for some proven, wholesome dishes to serve to your hungry family? Then this is the cookbook you need —  a collection of over 160 of the very best recipes for family meals, side dishes, snacks and desserts, each and every one a true “crowd pleaser”.  (143 pages, PDF)

How do you get your kids involved in the kitchen… without creating a total disaster? This little ebook is a compilation of the best tips and advice we received on this perennial topic – practical, “real life” suggestions, tips and stories that will help you teach your children the basics rules of kitchen safety, food prep skills and clean up and show you how to add plenty of fun and enjoyment into your kids’ “kitchen work”.
(27 pages, PDF)

Looking for some wonderful recipes your kids can help make?  Here is a “real life” collection of favorite “Hands On” recipes for kids, contributed by homeschooling families all across the globe — including breakfast dishes, main courses & side dishes at mealtime, and a huge variety of snacks & desserts. Over 80 easy and fun recipes, including everything from from Monkey Bread to “Weird But True Sandwiches” (58 pages, PDF)

The KITCHEN SKILLS LIBRARY normally has a price tag of $27, but we’d love to send you all nine volumes for FREE if you request them before November 30th.

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Q. Will I have free access to these resources  permanently?

A. Yes – once you have the content, it’s yours forever.

Q. Is there an “upsell” to more information or a better version of the curriculum?

A. No – you are getting full free access to the exact same curriculum we normally sell for $27.

Q. What’s the catch? Why is this resource bundle free?

A. Plain and simple – there is no catch. Our family has been publishing wonderful homeschool resources for over 15 years, but many folks new to homeschooling have never heard of our website. So this is all about letting you know “we are here!” If we can show you of how good our homeschool materials are, maybe you’ll spend some money with us later. Or then again, maybe not. That’s entirely up to you.  For now, we just want to GIVE you some of our great resources so you can see them for yourself. (Our goal is to make you say “Wow! This is REALLY great!”)

Q. Can I share this with my friends?

A. Yes, we want you to share, but please do so by sending friends to this page while it is still available so they can join the notification list and receive all nine volumes for themselves. You do NOT have permission to share or re-distribute the PDF ebooks yourself.

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