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Get both The Complete Boy’s Guide to Home Skills and The Big Book of Slightly Dangerous Lessons for Boys (both in downloadable PDF format)

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Prepare your son to be helpful, handy, courteous & resourceful on the Homefront – and beyond!

If you’d like your boys to learn all the skills mentioned above (and more), you’ll find THE BOY’S GUIDE TO HOME SKILLS: A YOUNG MAN’S HANDYBOOK by Gail Kappenman & Martha Greene to be the perfect “how to” guide! Designed for boys age 9-15, this downloadable 183 page PDF manual provides a wealth of practical, old-fashioned, boy know-how, with enough information (and helpful illustrations) on each topic to give your son a chance to try his hand at cooking, cleaning, gardening, building, whittling, camping, fishing, home repair – just to name a few. It also includes loads of recipes, basic sewing skills, and laundry information – for when Mom isn’t home! This is a great guide for any boy wanting to learn about things that don’t require a computer, an ipod, or a smart phone!

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Are you Homeschooling? Much of the book can be used by homeschooling moms as a resource for various subjects: Home Economics, Health & Safety, Art, etc.

Not Homeschooling? Doesn’t matter. The truth is, ANY family will find this manual a treasure-trove of common-sense, practical instruction & inspiration for their growing boys. Dads will need to get involved in some of the bigger projects, like building the log cabin and the split-rail fence. Dads may also want to test out the camping, hunting, or fishing sections with their sons, and help them stock their toolbox once it’s completed. A wide range of “hands on” projects and activities are included in this unique and practical guide!

About the authors – Between them, authors Gail Kappenman of and Martha Greene of have 17 children, 10 of whom are boys! Their handyman husbands and clever sons provided the inspiration for all the topics covered in this book, one of the most popular resources that they have written. Originally titled “The Young Man’s Handybook” and priced at $29.95 in printed form, it is now available in this very affordable new PDF edition so many more families can benefit from it.

Ages 8 – 15 (and up), 180 pages, PDF format – Immediate Download

PLUS you also get…

This ALL NEW Companion Volume to “The Boy’s Guide to Home Skills”is an Attention Grabbing Curriculum makes Teaching Real-Life Skills to your Boys a Breeze… (if You’ve Got the Nerve)
In the hugely popular manual The Boy’s Guide to Home Skills we showed you the kind of household skills young men need to know as they grow up. Now, in this all-new downloadable companion volume, THE BIG BOOK OF (Slightly Dangerous) LESSONS FOR BOYS you get a step-by-step lesson guide that makes it easier than ever for YOU to mentor your sons in the art of Responsibility on the Homefront, with attention grabbing activities and short, laser-focused, “slightly dangerous” lessons that will challenge and intrigue even the most reluctant of pupils.

We mean that some of these lessons are going to stretch both you and your boys out of their comfort zones as they learn real-life skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

For instance: Is your son ready to have his own knife, or work with real tools? Is he ready to learn “real” First Aid? Ready to cook a meal for your family? Ready to manage his own money responsibly? Ready to camp out and provide his own shelter? Ready to put down what he’d rather do and defer to family? Ready to grow a crop in the family garden and sell it? Ready to help take care of a household problem when Dad’s not around?

There’s an element of risk in giving your son real responsibilities around the house — like cooking for the family, maintaining his room, and showing hospitality even when he doesn’t want to — but with risk comes reward. And the reward for learning skills that he will put to use for a lifetime is very great indeed

In this all-new lesson plan guide, we show you exactly how to evaluate where your son is at, and what he is (and isn’t) ready for. We then arm you with some super-secret “boy friendly” tools and attention grabbing lessons you need to help your son learn new skills, take more responsibility around the house, and think about others instead of just himself.

38 Weekly “Hands-On” Lessons + loads of “Repeating Projects” (ie. cooking, chores, growing a garden crop, building, etc.) that correspond with the chapters in The Boy’s Guide to Home Skills! (Yes, you DO need a copy of “The Boy’s Guide to Home Skills” to follow these lesson plans, and it is INCLUDED in this bundle!)

Each lesson includes an overview, lesson objectives, materials lists, prep notes, and walks you step-by-step through every topic, every project, every skill.

How to think like a boy… and how NOT to teach.

How to use the almost magical “Super Skills Formula” – the #1 Most Effective way to teach new skills so they’ll never be forgotten!

Loads of new learning activities, attention-getters and “hands-on” projects to make teaching a breeze, and learning more interesting and fun

PERFECT for Homeschooling, Family use, co-ops and small groups ages 8 to 15. (In fact, it’s a complete one year Home Economics curriculum …but you really don’t have to tell him that!)

Ages 8 – 15 (and up), 151 pages in PDF ebook format – Immediate Download

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The Boy’s Guide to Home Skills
The Big Book of (Slightly Dangerous) Lessons for Boys
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